Stlto Wines Now Available In New York

Stlto Wines Now Available In New York

Toronto, Canada (March 27, 2013 ) РToronto, Canada РThe STLTO collection: Prosecco $14.99, Pinot Grigio $10.99, Chardonnay $10.99, and Malbec/Merlot $10.99 is a seriously stylish line of Italian wines created by Italian/Canadian Sarah Liberatore. STLTO wines boast superior value, excellent quality and a great story.

Having grown up in the wine industry, the Liberatore family has a winery in Abruzzo, Italy; Sarah knew that she wanted to create a line of wines that would appeal to her contemporaries. She wanted to make quality wines that would be made to be enjoyed with good company. A self proclaimed shoe-aholic, Sarah had spent her formative years admiring her mother’s incredible collection of stilettos, so it was only fitting for her to name her wine Stiletto. (The contemporary stiletto was invented by an Italian too!). Sarah felt that the word Stiletto might be considered too gimmicky. She wanted to ensure that her wines would be taken seriously. She decided on STLTO: (S)ophisticated, (T)imeless, (L)avish, (T)rendy and (O)utstanding -just like the amazing women in her life. Sarah decided to make the STLTO production a total female experience. Every employee working on STLTO, from administrative work to the bottling line, is a woman.
Sarah got to work. With zero graphic design skills, she sketched out a stiletto logo and sourced glitter foil capsules. She traveled to her family’s winery in Abruzzo and began to select the wines to include in the STLTO lineup. Sarah wanted an environmentally-friendly production plan at the winery where STLTO is made. Today, every bottle is produced to these Eco Chic standards:

  1. Harvesting: The grapes used for STLTO’s wines are-hand harvested to eliminate the use of farm equipment.
  2. Wine Storage: STLTO is stored four meters below ground in tanks to eliminate the need for refrigeration.
  3. Multi-tasking Storage Tanks: When not in use, STLTO’s storage tanks are placed on hills behind the winery to collect rain water, which is used to irrigate the vineyard.
  4. Bottling: Sarah redesigned the standard glass bottle to use less material and ultimately produced a lighter weight bottle -STLTO’s bottles are only 420 grams!

After three years of perseverance, rejection, and paving her own way in the male-dominated wine industry, Sarah was recently honored by the Ontario Hostelry Institute as one of Ontario’s Top 30 Under 30 within the hospitality industry. She is now sharing her story with other women throughout the United States.
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