The STLTO Story

Sophisticated, Timeless, Lavish, Trendy, and Outstanding.

I have a passion (OK, an obsession) for shoes, so it was only fitting to call the wine STILETTO – especially because the contemporary stiletto was invented by an Italian. The word STILETTO could’ve been considered gimmicky though, and I didn’t want that. I wanted to ensure that my wine was of excellent quality and that its creation was a totally female experience. From admin work to bottling at the winery and loading the trucks, everyone who is part of my brand was going to be a woman. The brand is (S)ophisticated, (T)imeless, (L)avish, (T)rendy and (O)utstanding, just like all of the amazing women in my life, so we decided to name the wine STLTO.  From the vineyard and cellar to administration and production, STLTO is an all-woman run operation and we celebrate women with my brand by marrying Italy’s best assets – wine and fashion!

Sarah is a self proclaimed shoe-aholic and spent her formative years admiring her mother’s incredible collection of stilettos,so it was only fitting to call the wine Stiletto (the contemporary stiletto was invented by an Italian too!). The word STILETTO could have been considered gimmicky though, and she wanted to ensure that her wines would be taken seriously.

It was part of Sarah’s business plan to make the production of her wines a totally female experience (from admin work to the bottling line, every employee is a woman). She hired 5 women to work at the vineyard to help make these wines and together they felt that these 5 words encompass how this wine makes them feel.

S– Sophisticated,
T– Timeless,
L– Lavish,
T– Trendy and
O– Outstanding

Just like the amazing
women in my life.


The grapes used for STLTO’s wines are-hand harvested to eliminate the use of farm equipment.

Wine Storage:

STLTO is stored four metres below ground in tanks to eliminate the need for refrigeration.

Reusing Storage Tanks:

When not in use, STLTO’s storage tanks are placed on hills behind the winery to collect rain water, which is used to water the vineyard.


I redesigned the standard glass bottle to use less material and ultimately produce a lighter weight bottle – STLTO’s bottles are only 420 grams!

After three years of perseverance, rejection, and paving her own way in the male-dominated Italian wine industry, she recently honoured by the Hostelry Institute as one of Ontario’s Top 30 Under 30.

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